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Operator Re-Certification Course Description

Pre-Requisite: For the experienced / previously trained operator
Certified Forklift Training Center's re-certification program is designed for the experienced forklift operator. Previous Certification required. 
The course specifically addresses the areas of forklift operation which O.S.H.A. now requires under its current mandate (C.F.R. Title 29, 1910.178).  The program provides O.S.H.A. Rules review. We call this our "MemReminder" program which is a plain English translation of what O.S.H.A. says and what O.S.H.A. is trying to say. Once completed, the operators are now prepared for the written examination.
Written exam must be passed with score of 70% or greater.  

   THE MemReminder (O.S.H.A. REGULATIONS)
Certified Forklift Training Center 4934 E. Lansing Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727 (559) 325-8097
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